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Not Enough Bullets! is a shoot-em-up game without any bullets. Instead of shooting you must knock enemies into other enemies using your frontal shields—but be careful! Your shields have a limited up-time before they need to be recharged and hitting enemies drains the shield a bit faster!

This game was made for the second Game Maker's Toolkit Gamejam. You should check out the other releases over there!


  • Arrow keys to move your ship.
  • Space bar turns on your shield.
  • Shift lets you slow down your ship in case you want to make some fine-tuned movement.

Don't forget that large enemies can't be hit with the shield!


While all the assets are licensed under public domain (CC0) I'd still like to list them out:

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable file to play.


Not Enough Bullets.zip 14 MB

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