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Score 1112100

Very feature complete game. Quite fun. Nice graphics.

Can't see how it is trying to exploit the limitations of "Only one".

Given the low difficulty of just pressing a key,

perhaps you can stylize some characters and let the player spend time guessing it?

or perhaps let the player be the enemies and press the button to send a fast ship crashing into a shielded computer player (sitting in the center)?

or make the player use arrow keys to stay away from the (even denser) enemies, and use only one hand to type the character?

Still, really enjoyed the lighting and atmosphere you have created.

Nice idea and execution, but some symbols don't work. ( worked but = didn't.

Yeah it looks like the web version has some keyboard input issues that are engine specific for web builds. The standalone executable shouldn't have this issue.

Love it!

Had a great time within a 5 minte play session.

the symbles dont work atherwise great

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Thanks for the quick feedback. Did some testing on the online version. It seems the curly braces don't pick up in the web version only but other symbols worked fine. I've removed them from spawning in the web version as a result. Was it just curly braces that weren't working for you? Also, does it work fine for you for the executable version?

all of the symbles didnt work, and i did not try the executeble version, Thanks for responding bye.